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Over the years as a working single mother of now two fully grown adults, fashion remains to be my favorite art of expression. Also being a lover of nature, Buy it Again became an idea of an online consignment store built on pride, dedication while serving a purpose in selling used quality clothing as a means of recycling rather than going into global waste. As the owner, by establishing this unique online boutique I believe we are setting a stepping stone to making our planet a little better in the form of fashion used right! Whether you're a professional women, a stylish mom or that everyday diva, you’re always going to get high-quality used women’s designer clothing at an affordable price. With our great line of items and source our products are far and wide to ensure that we have diversity and the best quality while being planet friendly! In addition we gladly accept any donation, exchange or selling of your delicately used garments, please send us an email for more information. I want to personally thank you for stopping by, happy shopping and look forward to seeing you Buy it Again! 

Used Clothing Available

Thrift stores are notorious for providing those hidden gems at a low cost. If you’re looking for cheap second-hand clothing from designer brands, then you can be sure to find something to suit your style here. Whether it’s a winter jacket you’re looking for or you consider yourself something of a hipster, there’s plenty of basic and unique clothing options available on our website. Don’t miss out.

Personal Stylist

Your fashion statement goes a long way and we want to ensure it stands out. With our wide range of clothing we can handpick the right outfit for whatever occasion you are prepering for. We can even prepare a weekly wardrobe to eliminate one less thought in starting your day. Or if you are just looking for assistance - we provide tips and advise to any stylish ideas you're seeking. Your own personal stylist, whom loves fashion just as much, will exam your personal profile through your favorite colors, favorite brand and personal apperance, to put together that unique look that suites your personality. As you might expect, they are all in tune with the current trends in the fashion world with their knowledge, they provide fashion service fit right. So don't forget to set up your own personal profile and let your personal stylist go to work for you! 


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